Black Is White: Whiten the gentle way. Without bleach or abrasives.

First came the ‘Black Is White’ toothpaste. Then the sonic toothbrush. And now, ‘Black Is White’ chewing gum has arrived. Click on the product for more info.

The gentle & natural way.Black Is White

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What is Black is white ?

Black is white; whitening toothpaste removes stains using activated carbon – without abrasive agents and without bleach. Contains 1,450 ppm fluoride & enzymes for caries protection and to support the salivary functions. 15,000 ppm sodium hydroxylapaptite (Nano) and Prestige Sparkling Blue® as physical brighteners. RDA ~ 50. Few essential oils. Starphere® as a cooling agent. Without SLS. Without triclosan. Without bleaching agents. Without plastic particles.

Can be used as regular toothpaste without any limitations. Also available as «White Is Black»: extra mild taste.




“Black Is White” contains fluoride, of course. However, it does not have any potentially harmful substances such as SLS or even triclosan. Use”Black Is White” like normal toothpaste – once, twice, three times or even more each day. Made in Switzerland.


No bleach, no abrasive substances: The “Black Is White” whitening toothpaste gently removes discolouration, while improving oral health.



“Black Is White” also contains a physical blue filter that filters out yellow colors to emphasize the whiteness of your teeth.



“Black Is White” is the first whitening toothpaste that improves oral health. The enzymes in “Black Is White” support the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of saliva. These enzymes have proven themselves in CURAPROX Enzycal toothpaste.


“Black Is White” even forms a protective layer over the teeth: hydroxylapatite is a mineral that occurs naturally in the teeth. Tooth enamel consists mainly of hydroxylapatite. Hydroxylapatite re-mineralises dental enamel seals dentin channels and can even fill cavities that are starting to appear.


A whitening toothpaste from CURAPROX that will surprise you. CURAPROX focuses on oral health, something which whitening toothpaste is often considered not to do. However, this new toothpaste doesn’t use a bleaching or sanding agents. Instead, it removes discoloration with activated charcoal.

Try it out now and enjoy the difference.



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A brushing experience you can stick to

Black or white? It doesn’t matter as long as it looks great and has the cool factor. Just like the “Black Is White” and “White Is Black” toothbrushes. And that’s not all: they offer a completely new kind of cleaning experience too. They’re gentle on the teeth and gums – thanks to their 5,100 Curen® filaments – but ruthlessly tough on plaque.

The brush HEAD

5100 Bristles “CUREN Filaments”
Cleaning surface consisting of 5100 densely packed bristles: cleans effectively.

The bristles are incredibly fine and rounded so that they clean above the gumline and are made of CUREN® instead of nylon.

Slightly angled: reaches all critical areas.

The handle “Grip”

Eight edges

A handle with eight edges: easier to use the toothbrush at the right angle.




Nostalgic & consistent

The shape of the toothbrush hasn’t changed since 1979 and has stood the test of time to this day. The colours have changed over time, sometimes colourful and now black and white. Classic and timeless. An appealing design.

The white stripe

The stripe is specially designed to wash out the toothpaste effectively.

Our range of Black is White toothbrushes

White Is Black Duopack

Black Is Black Duopack

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What is black is white Hydrosonic?

A sonic toothbrush in the top performance class, not only a threat for teeth gum line and gums it also offers perfection for the design conscious minds.

hydorsonic black is white is an absolutely crazy design in black with up to 42000 strokes a minute. The Black Is White Hydrosonic combined with the right toothpaste: an unbeatable power duo.


Brush head BIW 259

  • Extra gentle CUREN® filaments
  • Particularly small head
  • Reaches critical areas
  • Supports hydrodynamics
  • Developed by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ulrich P. Saxer


The result of many clinical trials: the perfect bend allows the brush to easily reach and clean the rear molars.


The rubberised back guarantees comfort while cleaning: the vibrations from the brush are passed on to the bristles, but hardly reaches the handle or the teeth at all.


Smart Button

  • Quick press: on / off
  • Press and hold: mode selection

«Intensive» mode

  • 32,000 vibrations per minute
  • Ideal for the removal of dental caries and plaque

«Soft» mode

  • 42,000 vibrations per minute
  • For cleaning sensitive teeth and sensitive gums

«Massage» mode

  • Promotes circulation in the gums






The Black Is White Hydrosonic is equipped with an extra-powerful battery: a week’s worth of brushing without recharging. That’s over 40 minutes of full power!

The device displays indicates when it needs to be recharged. The bottom LED indicator lights up for one minute. Or it no longer lights up at all.

Charging is simple: Connect the XS charging dock to the end of the USB charging cable and connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB plug, laptop or mobile phone adapter.





Place the brush head half on the teeth, half on the gums.
Close your mouth (or clean the bathroom after brushing your teeth).
Switch on the brush and let the bristles go to work. Brush from tooth to tooth, completely relaxed.
Hold the brush gently with just a little or no pressure. 30 second timer: In this time you have cleaned half of one row of teeth.
You can go longer, the timer is simply meant as a reference.


Now available online

Black Is White Hydrosonic

Black Is White Hydrosonic smart brush heads
(BIW 259 smart)